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Gabriella Proffitt: Yoga and Dance to Freedom, Self-Knowledge and Healing

Gabriella Proffitt holds a BFA in Dance Education with a specialization in Ballet Performance and a minor in Musical Theater from University of the Arts. After graduation, she danced professionally with Ballet Fleming, Ballet 180, and Roxey Ballet. Gabriella is a local freelance performer and maintains several ballet teaching engagements. She received a 200-hour certification in Prana Yoga and a Reiki I certification from Princeton Center for Yoga and Health under the direction of Dr. Jeff Migdow. Gabriella is entering a doctoral program in Naturopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Her supplementary interests lie in music, alternative somatic modalities, and multidisciplinary collaboration – all of which inform her work as an arts and healing educator.

Gabriella, tell us a little about yourself:

I work primarily as a contemporary dancer and ballet educator. Discovering yoga alongside dance several years ago transformed my experience with movement into a realm that provides freedom, self-knowledge, and healing on many levels. My deeply felt purpose as a movement educator is to nurture and facilitate healing.

Who should come to your yoga class?

People who seek to make contact with the present moment through their bodies; who wish to meet themselves where they are, and learn to listen to what their bodies are saying; who want to unblock the life-force energy through the physical body, and find a place of stillness within themselves.

What are you focusing on right now in your practice?

Self-compassion: being gentle with what I ask of my body, mind, and emotions. Only then can we relax enough discover and begin to resolve our limitations. My ultimate aim is to move and live most optimally in my body.

As a big picture what do you hope to teach your students?

I hope to teach the process of kinesthetic discovery. I believe optimal living is attainable for those who learn to harness the positive and powerful tools afforded to them through kinesthetic inquiry. Many people do not know how to approach their bodies, nor do they feel comfortable moving freely. There are many entry points, and I hope to guide people to a place where they feel responsible for and autonomous in their own practice.

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

Practicing yoga became primary nourishment for my whole being and a necessity for my physical studies and personal awareness. I discovered a space for my whole self where I am cared for and strengthened by tradition and inner truth. I have no greater tool to share with the world, and I cannot help but want to share it!

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love to present the possibility for human flourishing through such a personal medium. Caring for individual people and their bodies through movement exploration has become very meaningful to me.

Who are your greatest influences?

The philosophical and pranic approach to yoga that Jeff Migdow teaches in the teacher training at PCYH has been my primary influence in cultivating a personal practice.

Come and meet Gabriella during her weekly classes:

Tuesdays, 12:00 to 1:00 pm –  Sign up here

$5 Hatha Prana (Mixed Levels)

Slow paced yoga practice, with elements of meditation and breath work.
What to expect:
Prana Yoga guides students through the prana body with the use of movement, breath, sound, concentration, and meditation. Through an easy to understand approach, students will learn how to apply core sounds to balance and heal the body’s energy centers. The class presents the foundations of Prana Yoga, a guided meditation and breath work in a fun, safe and relaxing environment.
Is this class right for you?  
No experience necessary. This class is recommended for beginners and/or experienced students seeking a less-challenging practice.
This is a great class to learn and get the feel what to expect in our Prana Yoga Teacher Training with Jeff Migdow, MD, starting October. More information here: https://princetonyoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/prana-yoga-teacher-training/
Come enjoy and help spread the word!