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Celebrating 19 years, thanks to you!

Princeton Yoga recently celebrated our 19th anniversary. When we opened in September 1996, were the first yoga studio of its kind in our area and we remain grateful to all the many students, teachers and volunteers who have supported us in so many ways over the years. In honor of our celebration, we offered three “19” themed raffle prizes.

Karen Rose Tank is the first prize winner: 19 weeks of unlimited classes. The happy note from Karen below is both heartwarming and inspirational. Karen shares how the varied classes and programs she experienced at the Center over 13 years have taken her to new levels of healing for herself and is now supporting others on their paths.


Dear Deborah,

I was thrilled to receive your call yesterday to learn of my winning the first place prize in your 19th year anniversary contest for PCYH!!! Thank you so much! Yoga has been an underpinning and grounding force of my life for years. In fact, my first yoga class upon moving to Princeton was at Princeton Center for Yoga & Health (PCYH), two locations ago, in 2002. At the time PCYH was the only yoga game in town…and I was fortunate to have found you. Since then, over the past 13 years, PCYH has been one of my dearest “yoga homes” as my practice has expanded, deepened and continually grows. My yoga journey has taken me through a 200 hour yoga teacher training as well as a 180 hour Yoga Therapy TT. I have benefitted greatly from the numerous classes, programs, workshops and trainings I’ve taken over these years at PCYH. Plus, 6 years ago, I went back to school to become an Integrated Nutrition Health and Diabetes Coach where I utilize many aspects of yoga with my clients.

What I love about PCYH is that it offers all styles and schools of yoga with openness and acceptance and joy! There is so much to discover when we open our hearts, our minds and our souls without judgement. It is all yoga. PCYH’s offerings enable students to try different styles and discover what works best for them and their body at the present moment. Trust me… your body will change… In fact, the only constant in life is that of change!

Yoga has been vital in helping me face and cope with the many challenges of living with the chronic condition of type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) over the past 20 years. I took one of the first MBSR programs offered at the center and am lucky to be invited back annually for mindfulness retreats as an alumni of the program. I am a devoted student of Rama’s, a gem in our yoga community, who in his 80’s, is a vision of health and teacher extraordinaire of all aspects of yoga… all eight limbs. My other favorite PCYH teacher is Andrea Sacchetti, who has helped guide me as my body continues to age and presents physical limitations and challenges. Andrea’s training in therapeutic yoga embraces the concept that yoga is available for everyone, regardless of your knees, hips, or back making you think it is not so. Over the years I have discovered the benefits of pranayama and meditation and am thrilled to have found classes like Rama’s and Andrea’s that include these aspects in addition to the movements of asana.

I encourage everyone to try a class at the beautiful PCYH center. Or attend one of the many amazing workshops and teacher trainings from internationally renowned yoga teachers. I have attended many workshops there and feel like it is a gift to have these offerings available in our own backyard! A visit to PCYH is like a mini vacation right here at home!!! Some times after class I stroll around the pond and the farm house, or sit in the outdoor areas… a very peaceful retreat that is available to all on any day you drop by.

Thank you PCYH for the awesome gift of yoga and for sharing your amazing vision with all of us.