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Taking a breather

Yoga instructor to come to Princeton Center

DATE POSTED: Friday, June 21, 2013 8:05 AM – Centraljersey.com
By Michele Alperin, Special Writer

jason crandell 06_originalSometimes a random decision can change the course of a person’s life. When yoga instructor Jason Crandell needed one more credit hour to graduate from college, the only department offering one-credit classes was kinesiology. On the advice of a girlfriend, he signed up for yoga, even though as a skateboarder and ice hockey player he was a little disdainful of it.

”I thought it was just stretching and wasn’t interested,” he says.

But when he got started there were a couple of surprises, especially given that he saw himself as an athlete.

”I really struggled with yoga at first during the semester, because it revealed so much about me that I didn’t want revealed — that my body was stiff and my mind was reactionary,” says Mr. Crandell. But then came the real surprise. “After each class I felt like I never felt before. I felt amazing, and I fell in love with it,” he says.

He developed a committed daily yoga practice, then a few years later became a mentee of Rodney Yee, completing his two-year teacher training program in 2000.

”Rodney brought a very intellectual and poetic side of the practice,” says Mr. Crandell, who learned from him that yoga was a process of uncovering layers of the psyche, “a really intimate practice of introspection.”

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