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Renowned yoga instructor brings expertise to Princeton

By Susan Van Dongen, Special Writer
CentralNewJersey.com posted Thursday, February 7, 2013 2:05 PM EST

How things have changed since some 40 years ago, when it was a challenge to find a yoga class outside of a major city. Now opportunities to practice and experience yoga abound, and there are so many disciplines and sub-categories.

Leslie Allen Kaminoff 03_smallThe curious can choose yoga for couples, pre-natal yoga, yoga for seniors, yoga for runners, yoga for kids, yoga for the physically challenged, and even yoga for dogs, sometimes called “doga.”

Participants may question whether yoga has become too much of a fad and its practitioners have lost sight of the sacred wisdom at its core.

Internationally renowned yoga educator Leslie Kaminoff says, “No,” and even if some think there is a faddish quality to yoga today, that’s a good thing, he says.

”I’m in favor of the extreme popularity of yoga in this country,” Mr. Kaminoff says. “I’m the ‘big tent guy,’ who says ‘anything that anyone does in the name of yoga is a good thing, no matter how commercialized.’ The more the merrier is my bottom line. People have all sorts of experiences and they’re mostly positive. This way, they’ll be more motivated to explore and examine the depth that is available.”

Mr. Kaminoff will come to the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health in Skillman, Feb. 16, to lead three workshops: “An Introduction to Breath Centered Yoga,” “Demystifying the Bhandas,” and “The Warrior Series.” Participants can sign up for all three programs or any one or two.

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