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SPOTLIGHT: Therapist takes a holistic approach

Princeton Packet Online: Monday, September 12, 2011
By Susan Van Dongen, Special Writer

Charles Leighton
Charles Leighton
For a growing generation of psychotherapists, it’s an exciting time to offer the multi-dimensional path of integral psychotherapy. This is an all-encompassing, holistic approach to therapy, treating the whole person, taking into account the individual’s cognitive and behavioral issues, but also their physical health, and even spirituality.

”To truly be well, we need to have a holistic approach,” says Charles Leighton, LCSW, CGP (certified group psychotherapist), and CYT (certified yoga teacher), who has been practicing at the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health in Montgomery (Skillman) for about a year. “We no longer approach mental health with a single modality.”

When his wife, Jacqueline Leighton, was named director of the Davis International Center at Princeton University last year, the couple moved to South Brunswick (Kendall Park) from Butler (Passaic County), and Mr. Leighton began to think about establishing a practice here.

Soon after the move to central New Jersey, Mr. Leighton discovered PCYH’s array of classes, took a yoga class there and immediately felt at home.

”It’s beautifully holistic,” he says. “Deborah (Metzger) has done a great job there, and when I got to know her more, I talked about renting space. The Princeton community is absolutely embracing this kind of work, and going forward, we’ll be able to develop some unique programs.”

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