88 Orchard Road
Skillman, NJ 08558

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Yoga, Kicked Up a Notch

by Sarah Firshein
Packet Online for Central Jersey, January 22, 2008

In a sealed 100-degree room, the standing bow pulling pose becomes even more difficult and summons mental quietude for balance and stability.

It is a Thursday night in mid-December, but here in Skillman, it’s hot enough to make Dante himself sweat.

My T-shirt is already soaked, and my hands and feet are dripping with sweat; despite this, yoga instructor Kim Dodson quietly asks me to move into adho mukha svanasana, a posture that is known colloquially as downward dog. If nothing else, the inverted pose requires arm strength and leg stability, two prerequisites that don’t hold up well on a slippery yoga mat.

Still, Ms. Dodson remains encouraging. In the softly lit room that, thanks to space heaters, has reached just about 100 degrees, her voice both calms and motivates.

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Living Well – Take a Deep Breath

By Deborah Metzger
Packet Online, January 15, 2008

Are you really breathing?

OK, so you’re thinking, ‘She’s got to be kidding.’ Well, I’m not, but go ahead and have a good laugh – it’s good for you. Laughter is a form of breathing that revitalizes you and helps you to get rid of sad feelings.

But still, isn’t breathing one of those automatic things that I never have to think about, like my heartbeat or digestion?

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